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You might know that the Russian eatery with a good and growing reputation in Edinburgh, which was opened in August 2009, had been closed since May 2013, because of the immigration rules. 

We feel that there are much more potential in it and would like to take a chance to find sustainable investors who would be interested in such an exciting and relatively new eatery project, like the Russian Passion cafe.

There is no certain location chosen, so it can possibly be anywhere in the UK. This eatery, basically, can be the major starting point for introducing quality and authentic Russian culture in many aspects: food, products, art and pastime. It is not orientated on the Soviet era, we are moving forward, adding something new and making fusions, of course classics will always be on the Menu.


With the wise and sustainable management, considering the future trends in food and culture, this eatery project has all the strong sides to become highly successful worldwide.

Please contact, if you are interested: email@russianpassioncafe.co.uk

or call on +7 9654038853

Unique Russian eatery

Russian Passion cafe is a small cafe, cuisine lounge and
BYOB restaurant in Edinburgh Canonmills area, welcoming
diners and foodies from all over the world, where ever you are
and would like to have some fine Russian meal, please make
a booking and send us your menu choices in advance to
or call 0131 556 9042
at 5 Canonmills, Edinburgh, EH3 5HA.

P.S. For this meal you need to come to Edinburgh.
Also Gourmet Russian Takeaway available locally.


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